Hamyk, the next new chill vibes app. Upload, share, comment and be in the loop.

The next up and coming social media app that lets you see what happening around you.

Hamyk creating a new social world.

A place where you can interact more easily and simply with whats happening around you.

User Focused

Hamyk is an app that has one goal, to make the users feel connected with the social life around them by listening to what our users want.

Growing Community

Hamyk is on a mission to get everyone on the hype train, we have a vision and we are on a mission. For that Hamyk will continue to grow its community and users.

Simply Social

We took all burdensome social media and made it simpler, now all we have are the things we want. Simply record, upload, comment and move on.

A sleek and simple design

We get a lot more done with less.

Connect Local

Be connected with those around you and share snippets of whats happening around you without restraint.

Be the lens for your friends so they don’t miss out on anythin

Connect Easy

Life is meant to be simpler, Hamyk ensures that connecting with the people around you is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Community of local quality content

Hamyk has a sole aim to bring local people even closer and increase connectivity with whats happening locally. People see and share everything these days but its never local, and usually unrelated to us. With Hamyk see the content that matters to you, uploaded by people that you want to see. Its really simple, showcase whatever whenever for the people that matter.


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